Top 10 Web Marketing Tools For SEO Marketing

There are many small medium businesses (SMBs) in Singapore today. SMBs usually do not have the capability of establishing full grown marketing departments.

Sometimes the SMB owner has to act as the accountant, operations manager and even the marketing director thus pitting free marketing tools as the most efficient and cheap solution for owner to manage your digital marketing endeavors.

To most SMB owners, SEO might seem like a fancy jargon. However, it isn’t as complicated as it is. There are many good SEO training online for anyone to learn and master this valuable skill.

You can also find many useful and practical SEO tips online from top SEO company, to help boost your site ranking and give your site the exposure and visbility you’ll need.

Search engine traffic, however, should not be your ONLY goal. Instead, Search traffic should be one of your many ways to attract sales leads.

To have a converting website that attract many sales leads, you must of course, have great content on your site. Good content catch the reader’s eyes. Add in relevant and convincing keywords that will make your site visitors want to read more and engage more with you online.

SEO writing starts with good keyword research. Keyword analysis is the best path to take so you could write topics that your target audience is searching for. This is crucial when you are trying to find what type of content to write for your blog posts.

Take your time to plan and develop quality work. Always spend time to review and create quality-oriented content rather than posting tons of low quality garbage. Posting longer content is a lot bettern than posting a page with less than 100 words.

Organize your content to make it easy for visitors to find useful information within your website. Try to create internal linking between your posts and pages. Organization helps your readers find infomration they need in an easy manner and this will help improve the bounce rate.

Another important element of SEO site ranking is have a mobile friendly site. Make your website friendly for mobile users because many people these days spend more time on their mobile devices than their computers.

Nothing more annoying is when people cannot access your website through mobile, or if it takes ages to load your site. Ensure your website is able to load quickly as this will help to increase the amount of time your site visitors stay on your site too.

A useful free tool to test how fast your website page load speed is “PageSpeed Insights from Google“. Another site like GT metrix also provide insights to your site speed performance. We all live in a busy world today, so loading speed is important.

Here are other useful marketing tools, commonly used by the SEO expert Singapore, to support your website marketing and SEO effort.

Social media basically carries a wide network of users who convert into consumers and customers. Sales are tantamount to regular posts – the tool schedules posts to happen automatically over a period of time which helps SMB owners use less time in uploading their social media posts and focus on more pertinent issues.

Google Analytics
It is a real time analysis tool that acts as a marketing tool. It is used for tracking real time traffic on SMBs’ website or social media accounts. The data generated from the tool may be paramount in making informed marketing strategies, strategies that assist business owners target the right demography for their products.

Mail Chimp
Mail Chimp is a form of automated email marketing platform. It is user friendly and one of the best tools in scheduling marketing content to consumers via email. Rather than spend time mailing target email recipients, Mail Chimp’s easy to use interface enables SMB owners schedule articles and newsletters to targeted email addresses over a span of days.

Digital marketing calls for great image quality. When marketing your product image and design plays an integral part in delivering your message. Canva gives business owners an easy to use template to design and create top quality images for social media. The tool would consider the different layouts for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The free tool cuts costs for SMBs rather than hiring a professional to do the same work.

By using click maps, scroll maps and heat maps, Hotjar could show business owners what exactly their users are doing on their website. The tool enable the owners to insert messages and surveys for its users and therefore get genuine feedback from their users. The mapping sequence shows SMB owners what their consumers may be interested in and vide the messaging and survey channel, they don’t have to rely on reviews that may true consumer sentiments.

It is a search engine marketing tool that helps with keyword tracking. This enables business owners to perform keyword analysis to help comprehend different marketing strategies used by competitors for their advertising words and Pay per Click campaigns. It levels the market playing field promoting competition.

Charlie can be categorized as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that would assist business owners to know their customers better. Using the tool compliments marketing because understanding your customers culminates into better marketing.

Hubspot Marketing Free
The tool generates leads through consumers who have visited a business site. The leads are generated by email and employer details that a SMB owner can use to market their product. The popup tool would generate which pages the lead visited and thus peg to what product the consumer was interested in. As a marketing tool, it will assure SMB what product is popular or what product to market to whom.

Wistia can qualify as a digital marketing tool. Unlike its predecessors such as YouTube, Wistia enables the marketer to add action links like call, text and email to their uploaded video. Through the links, the viewer/consumer is able to contact and communicate easily with SMB owners for clarifications or more information.

SumoMe Share
You may have noticed the share button on most blogs and websites. SumoMe Share helps marketers customize and choose where to best place the icon on their marketing posts. It encourages readers of the posts to easily share the read articles which in turn means the marketing content would reach a wider audience than its intended target. A wider audience could culminate into more sales.

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